Cucamonga Peak – 10-26-2020

Last minute hike

It started out with a last minute call asking to go on hike to Ontario Peak.  I explained I had done that peak already this year and would prefer to do Cucamonga Peak instead.  The day started with a light rain here in the City of Chino where I live and I actually thought to myself, should I cancel?  I decided not to as I had checked Summit Weather and it showed it was sunny and windy up on top of the Cucamonga.  We started the hike almost at noon time and it is a little late for this hike as it gets dark early but oh well, and decided to go ahead anyways.  I have not been hiking much with this Pandemic and I could feel it especially in the last mile to the top.  I have lost some speed and endurance.  Either way, I was not going to quit and made it to the summit.  The weather was a bit chilly and windy up there but fine with a few extra layers.  There was an amazing sea of clouds as you will see in the pictures on this post.  Total time with time spent on breaks and at the summit was 8:26 minutes but about 7:21 minutes hiking time.  The air is clear of smoke and fresh and crisp.  I really needed to get back out in nature and this hike although a rough start, was just what I needed.

Tony Ramos

Six-Pack of Peaks Ambassador

Standing on famous rock on Cucamonga Peak looking out towards the endless sea of clouds