Mount Baldy Hike – 06-20-2020

Mount Baldy Hike – June 20, 2020

Another Pandemic Social Distancing Hike to Mount San Antonio aka Mount Baldy.  I wanted to get some nature outdoor time and decided to head north of my house to the San Gabriel Mountains.  I found that driving up Euclid all the way, I can get to Mount Baldy Road.  Anyway, I started this hike around 10:30 am and finished around 2:40 pm.  This is one of the most popular mountains of the Six Pack of Peaks because it is the highest in the LA Area.  Although I know a lot of people prefer others because Mt. Baldy is very bare with very little trees mostly when you get to the higher elevation and close to the summit.  Although there are other more scenic summits, I enjoy this one because you truly do get a 360 degree view of all the surrounding mountains.  You also get a good steep climb and workout which many enjoy doing some trail running for their training for races.  I tend to be very slow going up but speed up with a jog on the way down.  I enjoyed this hike and here are some of the pictures I took on this day.

See you on the trails…

Tony Ramos

SoCal Hiker – Six Pack of Peaks Ambassador

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Mount Baldy (Tony)