#LATH – LA Trail Hiker Hike – Cucamonga Peak

Hello, my name is Tony Ramos and I will be your hike lead for this Saturday’s hike. We will be hiking to Cucamonga Peak which has some great views and is one of the highest summits in Los Angeles Mountain Range.

We will meet up at the Subway in the same shopping center as the VONS and then carpool to the Ice House parking area where we will gather and start at the primary trail head. Weather is expected to be somewhat warm with a high of 88 degrees but as we are hiking in higher elevation it is much cooler than the valley below. Remember to dress accordingly, with recommended light color clothes, hat and sunscreen. Bring enough water, a lunch or snacks and please take the time to read all the hike details (http://latrailhikers.com/hikes/cucamonga-peak/) and familiarize yourself so you know what to expect. Please be on time as I tend to start right on time. I look forward to seeing everyone bright and early Saturday morning at 6:45 am sharp!

* Notice – the early time is necessary to be able to get parking as parking is very limited and fills up quickly.

— (Sep. 2014)

Cucamonga Peak

Cucamonga Peak

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