Great Day Pack

Great Day Pack
I have had the Condor backpack for a little over 2 weeks and have used it on at least 4 to 5 occasions. The pack is a perfect size for a Day Hike, Bike Ride, or Run. I have used it to go on a couple of day hikes and it performed great. The Bluetooth audio is simple to use and has great sound. I have even ran with the pack and it stays in place even with a hydration pack. The pack is pretty rugged, well constructed and dusts off easily. It has just enough compartments to store all necessities for a normal day hike. The pack also comes with LED lights which I have not had to use on my hikes but can see the benefit if using the pack riding my bike. My favorite thing about the pack of course is the music capability as I am a fan of music as I am sure most people are and this pack makes listening to music while being active a joy with no earphones or cables getting tangled and pulled. I totally recommend this product to all of my hiking friends and followers. Check it out at or
~ Tony Ramos Jr
Avid Hiker/Runner/Athlete
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