Fall Colors – Ontario Peak

I have been a bit behind on both completing the six pack of peaks and logging my hikes here.  Today I finally had an opportunity to finish the hike I intended to do last week.  I was planning on Hiking Ontario Peak and then shooting over to Cucamonga Peak but met up with some newbies who asked for me to take them up to Cucamonga.  I ended up only doing Cucamonga last week but finished Ontario today.  Since last week I started to see the leaves turning yellow and this week they were even more apparent.  I took a few pictures of the leaves and fall colors on my way up.  Today was a bit cloudy and colder.  You can definitely tell the Fall Season is here.  I started late at about 1:34 pm and finished at about 6:58 pm or about 5 hours and 24 minutes including breaks and time spent at the summit taking pictures.  I was the last one on the summit but jogged down and passed about 3 other small groups going down from other areas.  Overall Ontario Peak has great views but some were not available today due to the cloud cover and rolling fog.  Anyways, looking forward to seeing everyone next Sunday at the SoCal Six-Pack of Peaks Finisher Party.  I will be volunteering at a table if you’d like to ask about my trip to Kilimanjaro or any other hike.  See you all soon!

Tony Ramos Jr


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