Leading some 1st Timers to Cucamonga Peak


I finally decided to get back to hiking after being sick for about 4 weeks and not having hiked in that time.  I decided to do a solo hike on Sunday September 22, 2019.  I thought to myself, I can knock out two peaks – Ontario and Cucamonga on this one hike.  Along the way, I ran into a few people and we kept passing each other here and there.  I made a stop at the famous Saddle and there started talking to two guys and two girls.  Jose, Fabian, Debbie, and Karla were all first timers going to Cucamonga.  I decided to help lead the way up and ended up skipping Ontario Peak to help these new folks out by guiding them up.  Karla was thinking of heading back down from the Saddle and I convinced her to keep going and she was very excited to have finally made it to the summit of Cucamonga Peak.  Along the way, I saw a lot of the leaves already turning yellow and at the lower or beginning of the trail, there was a lot of bugs which disappeared as we climbed higher to the colder temperature.  I ended up taking a bit longer than usual on this hike mostly due to stopping and waiting for the people I met.  They all made it to the top and we had some snacks and took some pictures there.  I always enjoy meeting new people on the trails and getting to know what motivates them as well as providing any information or guidance that I can.  Hiking is not for everyone but for me it is the best activity I have found to stay active and get rid of personal and work related stress.  This hike 12.5 miles and was started at 9:45 am and ended at 5:00 pm with a total of 7 hours and 15 minutes.

Tony Ramos Jr




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