Strawberry Peak Hike – 12-21-2020

Strawberry Peak Hike – 12-21-2020

Incredibly this was my first time hiking Strawberry Peak.  I have hiked so many of the local mountains but this one had eluded me for quite some time.

I found the trail enjoyable with it very easy to follow with some signs pointing you in the right direction.  I also found very few hikers as it was a Monday and am sure is much busier on the weekends.  The hike and trail is not very difficult but does have a lot of elevation gain at towards the end with a lot of false summits.  The view at the summit was great with views of the Pacific Ocean and surrounding mountains.  I recommend this hike to everyone wanting to good challenge that does not take all day.  I happened to finish the whole trail up and down within 4 hours and including the time spent resting and taking pictures.  I started around 12:00 noon and finished just past 4:00 pm.  According to Runkeeper, it was 7.39 miles and an elevation gain of 1928 feet.  I did go off trail to check out some views at times.  Overall I was very pleased with this adventure and will likely do it again with some others.

Happy Trails

Tony Ramos

SoCalHiker Ambassador

Strawberry Peak

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